Greenwood Maritime has over 35 years’ experience in naval & civil maritime affairs.

Greenwood Maritime Solutions Ltd is a consulting enterprise dedicated to the development and promotion of maritime power and marine technology, with particular interests in the Pacific and Arctic regions.


We have extensive experience in maritime operations such as security planning and international civil-military, intergovernmental relations and ice navigation.


Our maritime analysis services include harmonized threat and risk analysis, risk assessment and operational analysis.


Our interests extend from practical maritime affairs to the art and science of leadership/command development and mentorship.

Nigel and Greenwood Maritime Solutions delivered a top-notch product

Nigel understands the complexities of our business, and capably gets to the issue at hand, and in all our commercial dealings with him, provides clear advice and an effective easy to use road-map to get to where we need to be

– Prince Rupert Port Authority & the Pacific Pilotage Authority

As with all our business with Nigel, the deliverable was first-rate, detailed and complete with a clear road map on what industry and regulatory agencies would need to address to make shipping safer for both commercial and local mariners in and around Prince Rupert.
Captain Gary Paulson, Prince Rupert Port Authority
With Nigel’s help on a sensitive risk assessment we turned a unanimous no into a resounding yes.
Captain Kevin Obermeyer, Pacific Pilotage Authority
Nigel and Greenwood Maritime applied recognized threat and risk analysis practices to provide Commissionaires with innovative solutions to a range of novel security challenges, thus helping us to develop new lines of business.
John Dewar, CEO Canadian Corps of Commissionaires - Victoria, the Islands and Yukon

Recent Projects

Earthquake IRP for BC Ministry of Transportation

Under subcontract to Lansdowne Technologies Inc, drafted an Immediate Response Plan (IRP) for the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI). The plan covered initial responses of the ministry's highways branch to a M7.0-7.3 earthquake [...]

Operational Risk Assessment

Conducted for the Pacific Pilotage Authority a net risk assessment for the boarding marine pilots on LNG ships by helicopter. The study was commissioned by PPA in cooperation with Pacific Northwest LNG, BG, Shell and Chevron to [...]

Future Needs Assessment for Marine Pilots

Under contract to the Pacific Pilotage Authority and the Port Authority of Prince Rupert, conducted an assessment of future  marine traffic growth (out to 2028) in the Prince Rupert area and the implications for the PPA’s [...]

Ship Routing Advisory Study

Conducted a study of all current and future marine traffic in the Prince Rupert area and examined risks associated with traffic patterns, using multiple data sources including AIS tracks and GIS computer tools. Proposed a [...]

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