• Harmonized Threat and Risk Analysis

Using the template HRTA process developed by the RCMP/CSIS for the evaluation of complex threat environments, GMSL helps clients prioritize and mitigate comprehensive risks to their businesses. The comprehensive nature of the HRTA process considers not only financial cost, but also potential operational, informational, psychological and reputational losses. Likewise, the hazards and threats are considered across natural, accidental, criminal and adversarial categories. The vulnerabilities of various assets to particular risks are then weighed against available safeguards (mitigations) to bring the residual risks within tolerance levels specified by the client. The HRTA process is a proven and widely accepted method that has applicability to a broad range of civil and military situations and enterprises.

  • Risk Assessment

GMSL uses generalized risk-assessment practices to develop tailored approaches to meet the specific requirements of different clients. These practices draw on experience in managing civil and military Safety Management Systems, in applications as varied as General Safety Programmes, Environmental Management Systems, Submarine Safety Management, and Nuclear Emergency Management. The actual process adopted is developed after determining the clients’ needs and expectations, and results from a combination of analytical, statistical and subjective factors.

  • Strategic/Operational Analysis

With broad experience in a range of operational and corporate-level employments, GMSL is able to bring insights and new perspectives to clients’ varied problems.  Whether concerning the projection of future demands and recommending options for optimizing operational responses, or conducting sensitivity analysis to determine best points for improving system performance, GMSL brings innovative analytical solutions to deal with unique problems.

  • Emergency Management (including facilitation of exercises)

The processes of information assessment, issues prioritization and rapid decision-making are key to effective decision-making under psychological and time-pressures. GMSL brings more than 35 years of experience in operational domains to help clients prepare for and manage crisis. This includes facilitation of table-top or command-post exercises, drafting of emergency response plans, and evaluation of live exercises.

  • Leadership and Navigational Training (including simulation)

GMSL’s long fascination and association with the sea is reflected in a continuing connection with the processes of teaching navigation and educating for command at sea. We keep current through active participation as a mentor/operator in the RCN’s navigation simulator and through keeping abreast of nautical training developments in other parts of the world. A current Certificate of  Competency as Master Mariner and a qualification in Ice Navigation enables the knowledge to be refreshed with periodic at-sea experience.

  • Ice Navigation

In cooperation with Martech Polar Consulting, GMSL provides general risk analysis for Arctic operations, routing planning advice and ice-navigation services to suit specialized client requirements.

Past Projects