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NWP Transits in 2017

This summer I had the great pleasure to sail as assistant ice navigator to Martech Polar's Captain Duke Snider onboard the MSV Nordica, as she conducted a repositioning transit from Vancouver to Nuuk, experiencing the earliest transit ever of the NWP. Along with a great collection of maritime expertise (Cdn Coast Guard and US Coast [...]

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NWP 2016 in RRS Ernest Shackleton

I sailed this summer in RRS Ernest Shackleton as Assistant Ice Navigator during her escort of MV Crystal Serenity during that ship's historic transit of the Northwest Passage. Shackleton is a "Type A" icebreaker under Canadian rules that is usually employed in logistic support of the five scientific bases of the British Antarctic Survey. During [...]

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Designing a command development scheme to suit a 21st century Navy

Command at sea has been an abiding preoccupation of The Nautical Institute. Indeed, possession of a command qualification used to be the primary requirement of membership. Recent articles in Seaways have dealt with both the philosophies and practicalities of preparing young officers for the challenges of command. In this article, I would like to share the Royal [...]

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NIBC Conference | Maritime Energy Transport

May 7-8, 2015 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada The subject of energy transport by sea grows ever more topical in BC. Numerous proponents are aggressively pushing plans for LNG export from different locations on the coast, aided by a provincial government that is eager to realize economic gains from this new industry. Proposals to increase oil [...]

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